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Dramatic/Cinematic Montage
A montage of a few Dramatic/Cinematic tracks I recently composed.

Piano Montage
A montage of a few tracks I recently composed that feature piano.

Dark Orchestral Montage

A montage of a few Darker Orchestral

pieces that I recently composed.

Latest Songs

 My life long dream has always been to create music for a living. When I opened Kadin Music in early 2009 I began living the dream. Composing and producing new music daily... it's the ultimate high!

My interest in music started at an early age. When I was six I began taking classical piano lessons andI loved it right away. I would always rush home from school and play the piano for hours everyday. By the age of twelve I began writing my own music and that became my true passion in life. Soon after that I started getting into synths. At age thirteen I saved up my money and bought my first, a Moog Rogue (I still have it). Around that time I started writing and playing with various rock bands but after having a bunch of bad experiences making demos at professional recording studios I began putting together a home studio. It took years to hone my skills, a lot of which I learned from a teacher I met at Berklee College of Music by the name Craig Najjar.Craig taught me a great deal about songwriting and music in general as well as music production. Now fast forward to 2016, I still play in a band, Fools Faith is an award winning eclectic hard rock group. To date we've  completed three albums. From drum tracking to mastering, it was all done right here.

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